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Embodying Expression, Gender, Charisma –
Breaking Boundaries of Classical Instrumental Practices


The constitution of expression, gender, and charisma in a performer’s embodied techniques

What constitutes expression, gender, and charisma in a performer’s bodily work? How is the body of a performer an essential part of it? How does the experience of re-enacting the body language of other players affect a performer’s musical and performative agency? (see ‘Re-enacting Embodiment’ method)

Social Embeddedness of Practice

How do a performer’s bodily routines on stage establish norms, values, and social relations? What are an audience’s expectations of values and charisma within a particular discourse? How does gender play a role in the performer’s embodiment and the audience’s perception of the interpretation of a musical work and the performer?

Deconstructing Expression, Gender, and Charisma through Creation

How can performers control, shape, and change the canon of norms and values that surround their practice through embodied techniques? How can this be expressed and deconstructed in newly created artworks for an exhibition and a multimedia performance and through specific dissemination formats? How does this affect the charismatic relation to the audience?

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Embodying Expression, Gender Charisma is funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF as project PEEK AR 749-G and is located at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Austria. The project has a runtime of forty months starting in August 2022.